Business Development in Nidda

Office of Business Development

Our Mandate

The advancement, growth and prosperity of business and commerce in Nidda is our mandate. We are your central contact point and partner in support of all of your business aims and endeavors.

Our Goals

Establishing and maintaining a sound business framework and vital growth environment, securing existing and promoting new enterprise and employment opportunities. These are our utmost priorities and foremost goals.

Our “Hard” Skills:

Securing and advancing Nidda’s commercial and retail landscape
Promoting and supporting new business ventures
Recruiting attractive commerce and businesses to the area
Acquisition and development of attractive commercial sites
Fostering a vital environment for job security and professional talent
Forwarding competitive infrastructure and technology

Our „Soft“ Skills:

Creative solutions and impulses
Networking and matchmaking
Site development and brokerage
Support for entrepreneurs and start-ups
Troubleshooting and project management
Lobby and coordination by government issues
Advice regarding subsidy and financial plans

Your contact person regarding business development in Nidda:

Kerstin Alt

Tel.: 06043 / 96 33 22





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