Living and Working in Nidda

Where the Vogelsberg hills touch the Wetterau Valley, along the upper reaches of the Nidda River on its way to Frankfurt am Main, nestles the historic town of Nidda. With its population of nearly 18,000, Nidda is a magnet of the region. The 18 communities incorporated into the Township of Nidda cover a geographical area of 118 square kilometers – nearly 30 thousand acres – of rolling hills, fields, forests and charming villages.

Nidda’s broad commercial offering and cultural points of interest make our town attractive for families and businesses alike. The historic marketplace with its age-old sandstone well, surrounded by quaint lanes, lovingly restored half-timber homes, cafés and specialty shops, is a central meeting point for young and old – welcoming shoppers and visitors from near and far. Bad Salzhausen, the tiniest spa in the State of Hesse, is a comfortable walk from the Nidda centre: delightful with its beautifully landscaped park and botanical gardens, medicinal salt and mineral springs, thermal bath and extensive cultural and wellness offerings.

Nidda’s own contribution to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage is a preserved section of the nearly 2000-year-old Roman Limes – the ancient boundary between Germania and the sprawling Roman Empire – which can still be visited in the village of Unter-Widdersheim.

Nidda’s excellent, family-friendly infrastructure offers every school form from preschool to vocational to university preparatory. An abundant selection of sports and cultural activities for young and old foster new talent and long-lasting friendships. Our fast and comfortable transportation network offers frequent, convenient service via rail and bus to the surrounding communities and the Frankfurt am Main, Hanau and Giessen metropoles.

A modern and attractive center for commerce and industry, Nidda is home to many small and mid-sized businesses, clean manufacturing and light industry. Our shopping facilities – from competent specialty shops to major apparel and general merchandise purveyors, and leading supermarkets are unsurpassed in the region.





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