Foto von dem Firmensitz Lupp in Harb, nachts mit einem LKW vor dem Gebäude




The current state of the economy

Business economy in Nidda

Nidda is a broad mix of characters, represented by powerful and flexible, small and medium-sized   


• Machinery and plant engineering, metal, paper and foil production

• Printing Industry

• Surface coatings

• Electrical Engineering, Plastics processing, construction industry

Many good specialist in the building trade are located in Nidda:  carpenters, roofers, painters and decorators, stone masons, plumbers, electricians and others. In addition to the craft sector, tourism has developed a strong pillar to the economy. Two large rehabilitation clinics have their location in Bad Salzhausen.

Trade also plays a significant role to the central city area plan, both by national and international corporations as well as by owner-managed retail chains.

For more location factors at a glance

Hard locational factors

• Attractive labor costs in national and international comparison

• Legally secure investment conditions

• Hectare commercial and industrial areas

• Reasonable economic land prices and real estate prices

• A location with good transport links

Soft Locational factors

• "city of short distances': this also means short distances to local decision-makers

• Highly qualified employees

• Historic City of Nidda and historic spa town of Bad Salzhausen with many
   cultural momuments

• Charming environment with the Vogelsberg as a large local holiday area

> Diverse and varied education, culture and leisure activities

> Very good medical care

Road transport links

The city Nidda is accessible by a well-developed network of federal, state, and county roads. The national roads B 455 of Friedberg, to bulkheads and B 457 from Giessen to Büdingen lead through the city.  Locally, Nidda has the following:

- B 455 by Eichelsdorf, in Ober Schmitten, Harb and Borsdorf
- B 457 by Harb and the town Nidda.

The motorway A45 (Giessen-Hanau) is located in about 12 km distance. The A5 (Frankfurt-Kassel) is 25 km away.

Regional Rail Transport

The city Nidda.

Nidda has the stations, Borsdorf and Ober-Widdersheim (North) to the regional railway line Giessen - Gelnhausen. The neighborhoods Nidda, Bad Salzhausen and Ober-Widdersheim (south) are the regional railway line Nidda - Friedberg (- Frankfurt) connected.

Public Transportation

The individual districts of the city are interconnected with the central center of Nidda and by buses of the public passenger transport. The bus connections are also  coordinated with the  railway schedule.

Air Traffic

Nearest international airport is Frankfurt-Rheinmain in about 70 km distance. A smaller airfield, the airfield at Reichelsheim is located around 15 km from Nidda.


To Friedberg - 28 km
To Giessen - 34 km
To Frankfurt - 68 km
To  Kassel - 162 km
To Fulda -63 Km

Area, location, climate and air

The annual rainfall in the urban area is in the annual average 600 to 850 mm.  An increase of these values is to be found from southwest to northeast. The mean daily average air temperature for the urban area Nidda is 7.5 to 9 degrees C annually.